Posted by: David Harley | June 10, 2010

iMageddon – Not

114,000 iPad users exposed? Not, I’m sure, the prettiest sight, and data breaches are not good news. But not, as Paul Ducklin points out, The End Of The World As We Know It. And that’s enough free PR for Sophos bloggers for one day. 😉

I’m just hoping that the next time the media are tempted to get onto a “security vendors hype insignificant threats” kick, they will remember where this overblown and misleading story came from…

Mac Virus Administrator
ESET Research Fellow & Director of Malware Intelligence


  1. […] iMageddon bored with this A bit more about the 114,000 iPad users whose email addresses were apparently exposed by a little low-grade hacking by the Goatse group – I mentioned the issue here yesterday. […]

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