Posted by: David Harley | June 10, 2010

Apple Threat Descriptions: new page

As we all know, there are no Mac viruses. Never were, never could be. So I’ve added an imaginary new  resource to Mac Virus with information (or links to information) about those imaginary specific Apple threats (most of which, of course, are not viruses). You can find it at

This may not be the biggest project in the world (Mac threats tend to be counted in hundreds, not tens of millions, as is the case with PC threats), but it will take a finite amount of time, which I’m a little short of, so in the first instance, at least, I’m likely to add descriptions as they’re asked for, rather than chronologically or in order of importance. Descriptions may also be modified as I find time to work on them, and the format is likely to become a little less rough-and-ready.

I expect eventually to dig out some of the old Mac Virus pre-OS X descriptions and add them, just for historical completeness.

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