Posted by: David Harley | May 6, 2010

I Feel So Worthless…

…I keep sniping at Apple’s complacency on issues like OS X malware and reliance on application whitelisting for iGadgets, but they haven’t threatened to sue me or as much as demanded an apology. I can’t think why not.

Well, I suppose it’s possible that that nice Mr Jobs has never heard of me, even though I’ve actually presented on the topic of Mac malware at Apple’s offices in the UK. (That was quite a while ago, though.) Actually, it’s possible he hasn’t heard of the UK either, given some of the griping I hear from Apple customers in academia about pricing issues…

Or it could be that unlike Ellen DeGeneres, I don’t have a networked TV show on which to apologise for slagging the iPhone, as reported by Rik Myslewski of The Register.  Or maybe the company is more sensitive about accusations of undersized phone keypads than anything to do with security issues, which we already know Apple doesn’t have. (Steve, we promise not to draw any conclusions about your other physical attributes from the size of your fingers.)

The other possibility, I guess, is that the company is aware of my views and is coming round to my way of thinking. No, that’s just silly…

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  2. […] Apple will have to demand an apology from me […]

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