Posted by: David Harley | April 13, 2010

Millermania, a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

Someone on a specialist list asked about the availability of Charlie Miller’s fuzzing presentation from CanSecWest 2010, which reminded me that I hadn’t posted that link, despite referring to it several times in previous posts (like – if the term fuzzing or the name Miller mean nothing to you, that might be a place to start).

Miller’s presentation is available  here, and you might also find a blog by xyberpix over at Securiteam interesting, since it takes the form of an interview with the aforementioned Mr Miller.

Both are well worth reading.

Mac Virus
Small Blue-Green World
AVIEN Chief Operations Officer
ESET Research Fellow & Director of Malware Intelligence

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  1. Yeah, I was there for the presentation, but it’s definitely worth a revisit. The funniest moment, when he showed that Adobe had ‘unfixed’ a further bug.

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