Posted by: David Harley | April 5, 2010

iPad: my lawyer will have me out of here in 24 hours

…at any rate, it took hours rather than days for a video of what looks remarkably like the command line of a jailbroken iPad to appear.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, “other Jailbreakers like Geohot have also said that they can also jailbreak Apple’s new device but are waiting for Apple to update their firmware to release it. ”

Does it matter?

  • As an exercise in movie-making, it makes the Blair Witch Project look like Oscar-winning cinematography.
  • This looks more like old-school hacking for the sake of kudos than the first phase of a concerted attack on iPad users. In fact, it’s far from clear when the sizeable minority of end-users who are happy to use jailbreak exploits will be able to do anything at all with a jailbroken iPad.

That said, even in the absence of known issues like those I blogged about ad nauseam in another blog, a viable iPad jailbreak does open up similar possibilities for the promotion of malicious apps. I guess we’ll see whether the bad guys see iPad users as a fat enough target once the market (and the exploits) have had time to mature.

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