Posted by: David Harley | March 26, 2010

MNO Privacy Checker

Tweeted by Mikko Hypponen (@mikkohypponen).

“Visit this site with your mobile phone to see if you’re leaking info: – done by @collinrm.”

This turns out to be the MNO Privacy Checker by Collin Mulliner.

No, I haven’t tried it with an iPhone: I don’t own one. From my own cellphone (and, come to that, from other non-phone browsers) it gives HTTP header info which you may or may not find useful in ascertaining whether you have WAP browser issues. (I’m referring to your own browser info, of course: I’m not going to give you mine, not that it’s particularly interesting.)

Kurt Wismer seems to have found it particularly reassuring, which is odd for someone with no cellphone. Or maybe not: that is indeed a pretty safe configuration.


I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s time I started a separate smartphone-oriented blog. (OMG, not another Harley blog!!!!)

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