Posted by: David Harley | March 25, 2010

Mac Malware: Hit and Myth Revisited

Graham Cluley’s blog here looks at a letter in “Computing” that pours scorn on an article by Laurent Marteau of Intego in a previous issue. This is actually the same article I discussed here in February, but Graham does a good job, as always, of presenting a more balanced view of the threat to Mac users, in particular from social engineering.

Well, I think so, but of course Laurent, Graham and myself all work in the security industry and are all associated with Mac security products, so if you want to write it all to marketing and vested interest, be my guest. I will, nevertheless, say this.

No-one is saying that Mac City’s ramparts are crumbling because of the attacks of a million heavyweight hackers. The dangers to Mac users are far less dramatic and numerous than those that face Windows users. But every time someone says something like “there are no significant Mac security problems” they contribute to the effectiveness of social engineering and other attacks against Mac users.

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