Posted by: David Harley | February 8, 2010

A Beta Mousetrap

Having pointed out in my last post that Mac Virus is not ESET, I’m nevertheless going to flag one of my ESET blogs. It is, of course, the one I referred to in that post, answering questions that were asked here about the ESET Mac scanner, currently in beta, so I figure that some readers of this blog may want to read it.

And to answer a question on a comment subsequently received, I wouldn’t expect any mainstream product nowadays to detect only malware that works on the platform on which it’s hosted unless the host platform is a device with limited capacity such as a smartphone. For instance, a perimeter or gateway server shouldn’t take it for granted that all machines inside the protected network are running Windows (for example) and so detect only Windows-specific malware.

If you’re interested in a closer look at the ESET Mac beta, you can still get onto the programme via the product web site, and you might even get to see a demo at MacWorld (booth 1747, my colleagues from Marketing tell me).

Also, while it’s not directly Mac-related, the blog on scam dating sites that I mentioned in another blog here is now up here.

And now I’m going to try to avoid mentioning ESET for at least a week. If another vendor feels like throwing some interesting Mac-related data in my direction, you’re more than welcome to. 🙂

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