Posted by: David Harley | February 7, 2010

Mac Virus is not ESET

I’ve just been asked some interesting product questions. However, as they’re specific to ESET products, I’m going to try to answer them over on the ESET blog, though I’ll flag that post here in case other people are interested: after all, it does refer to ESET’s beta product for OS X.

I need to make something clear, though, and hope it doesn’t come across as sanctimonious.

Mac Virus is not an ESET-funded resource: to stay true to Susan’s original vision, it has to stay resolutely vendor-neutral. The only person blogging here at the moment is me (not wearing an ESET hat), and while I quite like the idea of having guest blogs from time to time, I haven’t even started to think about who and when. 

Maintaining an independent security resource while working for a vendor is sometimes a challenge, as I already know from my role in AVIEN. I hope you (and AVIEN, and ESET!) will bear with me if I don’t always get it right first time. Hard though it is to imagine my being wrong about anything. 😉

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  1. […] Beta Mousetrap Having pointed out in my last post that Mac Virus is not ESET, I’m nevertheless going to flag one of my ESET blogs. It is, of course, the one I referred to […]

  2. […] these questions are very ESET-specific, I thought it was more appropriate to answer them here rather than at Mac […]

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