Posted by: David Harley | January 30, 2010

The Year in Mac Security

Of course, we all know that there aren’t, never were, and never will be any Mac security problems, viral or not. Even if there were, they wouldn’t affect OS X. 

Or so I keep hearing. Here’s a corrective lens for that particular myopic condition from our friends at Intego.

Of course, the fact that they sell Mac security products will be seen by Mac fanbois as proof that they know nothing about it and are simply scaremongering. They aren’t.

My colleague at ESET, Pierre-Marc Bureau, and I are looking at Mac security issues right now in some detail, for a conference paper we’re in the process of writing with Andrew Lee of K7. While the several hundred unique binaries Pierre-Marc has been analysing recently don’t look impressive compared to the tens of thousands a day we see for Windows, that’s already several times larger than my entire zoo of pre-OS X malware. But of course we’re also security vendors, and therefore simply scaremongering. Sigh…

Chief Operations Officer, AVIEN
ESET Research Fellow and Director of Malware Intelligence
Author/Consultant, Small Blue-Green World

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